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American Hunter: Buffalo By Boat

By Adam Heggenstaller - July 01, 2013 When the pounding rains of the wet season end in March, the part of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip stretching southeast from the village of Katima Mulilo seems to be more water than land. The low-lying region becomes pinched by the swollen Zambezi and Chobe rivers that spill across their wide floodplains, turning previously dusty flats into sodden expanses covered with grass and game.


American Hunter: Jumbo Down!

By Mark Keefe - June 12, 2012 Day after day we found these bulls—in the morning, at midday, in the afternoon, at dusk. But never would they cross the arbitrary, seemingly imaginary line that would allow them to be hunted. On the first morning we met up with Victor, a game guide for the Kasika Conservancy. As we introduced ourselves, we informed him that my hunting partner, Federal’s Tim Brandt, was after Cape buffalo, to which Victor replied, “Okay.”


Petersen's Hunting: First Night Via iPhone

by Mike Schoby - July 19, 2011 I just saw a pride of lions across the river. Somewhere in the distance a hyena calls. It sounds like Friday night at a lady’s insane asylum, as Ruark once said, (or something like that).


American Hunter: African Safari Camps Then And Now

By Cameron Hopkins - March 09, 2010 I‘ve been reading lately about the early days of African safaris and an interesting juxtaposition occurred to me. Today, a lot of safari operators attempt to recreate the bygone days of tented camps, cooking over open fires and generally roughing it like the East African safaris of yesteryear.


American Hunter: The Kimber Talkeetna

By Mark Keefe - March 02, 2010 Great stories have been passed down through the years at American Rifleman, and some of them take on the stuff of legend. Take, for example, former Rifleman Editor Walter J. Howe wordlessly smashing a coffeepot with repeated blows from a hammer because too many staffers congregated around it for far too long (which apparently reduced productivity). In Howe's defense, they had been repeatedly warned.



By Scott Olmsted- September 09, 2013 NRA E-Media's Tom Rickwalder captured these images while he and American Hunter Editor-in-Chief Scott Olmsted hunted game in Africa's Caprivi Strip. From crocs and wildebeest to hippos and elephants, the Kimber Caprivi and Mountain Ascent have helped to get the job done.

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Win this Kimber Rifle! (Sorry contest is Over)

by Ben O’Brien - July 01, 2013 An African safari—especially your first one—isn’t complete without the right gun. It almost goes without saying.


The Red Lechwe: Hunting Africa with Kimber

By Tom Rickwalder- September 09, 2013

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